Covid Poems…

The words are provided by a group of six friends. Each week during lockdown all would provide seven words, phrases, titles, quotes reflecting what they felt, saw, experienced each day.

At the end of each week Kay crafted the words into a poem which aimed to tell the story of that week, and ultimately of the journey over the Lockdown period.  Then four contributors recorded the poems.

Interestingly we felt the first phase of the journey was ending at the same time as the Clap for the NHS was becoming meaningless and also came to an end. The last poem was written on 25th May.  This felt like the end of the beginning of our Covid-19 journey.

The dates indicate the Monday on which poem was written with ‘words’ from the previous week.

Week Nine
May 25th

Week Eight
May 18th

Week Seven
May 11th

Week Six
May 4th

Week Five
April 27th

Week Four
April 20th

Week Three
April 13th

Week Two
April 6th

Week One
March 30th