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Gasping by Ben Elton
26th to 29th July at 7.30pm

Gasping is Ben Elton’s first play.  Whilst it was written in the late 80s and first performed in 1990 it is, even now, totally relevant.  It is a comedy, fast paced and very much of its day, yet it has moments of real poignancy when things become very serious.

The play is about the way in which corporate greed and capitalism which lacks morality can have such a detrimental impact on the lives of so many around the world and, in particular, the less fortunate.

It revolves around Lockheart Industries, a company that, like many, makes lots of money by having lots of money.  But its chief executive is bored of that and wants a new way to make money.  And so, when a senior executive has the bright idea of extracting oxygen from the air to provide paying clients with ‘pure sparkling, guaranteed filtered, cleansed and mineral enriched designer air’, a series of events unfolds.

The play has an ending that is surprising, let’s just leave it at that.  You’ll have to come and see it to find out what happens, but you’re in for an evening of laughs and tears.

Please note that the play reflects the era and norms of the late 1980s, a time when clothes and attitudes were different.  The language contains some sexual inuendo and mild swearing.

…and Christmas 2023…
the stage production of
The Committee
by Melanie Davies

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