In February…

The House Keeper

by Morna Regan

February 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th

A desperate mother who’s lost everything decides it’s time to claw something back, in a world where money is everything and everyone has their price……or so they say. This psychological thriller with a darkly comic edge explores power, corruption, and entitlement through one dramatic night of conflict.

The cast of three includes Claire Woolley (God of Carnage and Power and Petticoats), award-winning actress Melanie Davies (Woman in Mind, God of Carnage) and John Franks (Power and Petticoats, The Sound of Heavy Rain).

Making her directorial debut after over 30 years of theatre experience is actress Semele Xerri (Power and Petticoats, The Thrill of Love).

“Potent… Regan’s humour is ink-black and bladed”
Exeunt magazine

…and in April


by Jim Cartwright

April 29th & 30th, and May 1st & 2nd

Tickets will be available closer to the performance dates.

Jim Cartwright’s “Bed” is one of his more surreal works. Set in the twilight zone between sleeping, waking and dreaming, it is an exploration of the subconscious voiced through the interconnected monologues of seven ‘elderly’ people who appear to be sharing one enormous bed.  Their attempts to get to sleep are constantly thwarted by Cartwright’s outrageously inventive creation in the bitter and resentful character of ‘Sermon Head’. But sleep eventually envelops them all, and their past lives and dreams are shown in a sequence of exquisite snapshots, through physical and highly visual theatre.

“Cartwright writes better about old people than anyone I know, except perhaps Beckett. This is an odd, harrowing and hilarious piece, entirely without sentimentality, sturdy but moving.” – Sunday Times

“Sophisticated of structure and mature in content … brims with the confidence of a craftsman who can work as happily with surrealism as naturalism …” – City Limits